About A Terre

A Terre School of Dance is an exclusive training and mentorship center for classical ballet.

The school is directed by Danielle San Paolo, a Fontana native and graduate of UCLA's World Arts and Cultures/Dance department.


A Terre School of Dance offers classes for children starting at age three up to teens and adults. We are committed to serving our community, so our services extend to any individual regardless of their age or level of experience.  We offer a level system for students who aspire to develop into professional dancers and open classes for students with unique personal goals.


Students have the opportunity to perform in two comprehensive ballet productions a year.  As a school, we are committed to spending our class hours on technique. We schedule rehearsals outside of class hours. We develop original choreography for our ballets in collaboration with all dancers.  Our work is shaped by the individual people performing the work.  Advanced students participate in pointe work, modern, and pilates in addition to their regular ballet training. Advanced students are also prepared to audition for pre-professional programs all over the nation.  


Students at A Terre School of Dance are given a unique training experience.  Each dancer is challenged, encouraged, and championed to grow into the individual they are destined to become.  In essence, we realize many students may not dance professionally, but we value the role of dance education in preparing any individual to become a successful, healthy adult. We also recognize that each individual dancer's journey should bring them fulfillment.  We watch students grow in self-esteem, leadership skills, teamwork, responsibility, physical wellness, and dance technique.  At A Terre, we are committed to spending our class hours on technique. We schedule performances and rehearsals outside of class hours. 

Artistic Director

Danielle San Paolo began her ballet training in the City of Fontana with Laura Torres at age 7. Through her young dancing years she also took lessons in jazz, tap, flamenco, musical theatre, and hip hop. After graduating high school, she revived her love for ballet while working as a performing artist in a missions organization in Kona, Hawaii. She later continued her ballet training with Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, MS (summer 2007) and then Light of the World Ballet in Syracuse, NY (fall 2007-winter 2008). Returning from New York, Danielle began school at Riverside Community College where she trained with Sofia Carreras. While completing her bachelor's degree, Danielle pioneered a summer intensive in Northern Michigan known as Charlevoix Summer Dance Intensive. Danielle received her B.A. in World Arts and Cultures with a concentration in choreography and dance in June of 2012.  Danielle produces and creates her own work.


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