At A Terre we are working to train dancers in a safe and healthy environment.  We take the risk of spreading covid seriously.  We believe that if we remain vigilant and diligent we can keep students safe.  We promise to remain transparent and we ask for transparency return.  As a school we respect each families unique needs in regards to social distancing. We remain flexible for students to take breaks from in-person learning due to illness, covid-exposure, or social distancing needs.

In-Person Private Requirements:

Students arriving for class should wait until Ms. Danielle opens the door to let them in. At that point, the student will sanitize hands, get settled then wash hands prior to entering the studio. The student will also wash hands, get dressed and sanitize hands on the way out. Instructors will engage in same hand sanitizing and hand washing procedure before and after each student

Limiting the number of people in the studio also follows state guidelines. It decreases the risk of exposure. Therefore parents will notbe able to accompany students into the lobby.

Dancers should arrive with their own water bottles and face mask. Face masks will be an adjustment for all dancers, but rest assured they will become accustomed to them. Fresh breath will make the mask experience more pleasant. Students should arrive as if they were visiting the dentist with a clean mouth. A breath mint on the way in is recommended. Students will become stronger athletes by working out with the mask. Also because we are working privately, each student will be able to slow down as needed. The fast paced work-out will occur at home whereas the detailed instruction will occur in person. If a student is uncomfortable or unable to wear a mask, remote privates are also a great option.

Instructors and students will be required to keep several feet apart during lesson. If the instructor needs to adjust the student's feet, the instructor will remain on the floor with their face turned away from the student. No hands on adjustments will be made above the lower leg

At all times, students must keep hands away from their face, off of the floor and off of surfaces and objects inside the studio. All students are encouraged to use the bathroom once before class only.

Anyone experiencing Covid-19 like symptoms must not attend until cleared by a physician. If a student or someone a student has had close contact with has been exposed to Covid-19, the student is required to take class remotely until the student can be cleared by physician. If someone in the student’s household is experiencing Covid-19 like symptoms, the student will remain limited to remote instruction until they are cleared by a physician.

Parent & student agree to the following (must read and select all):

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

●  Fever or chills

●  Cough

●  Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

●  Fatigue

●  Muscle or body aches

●  Headache

●  New loss of taste or smell

●  Sore throat

●  Congestion or runny nose

●  Nausea or vomiting

●  Diarrhea