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Dress Code


Dress Code applies to and is strictly enforced to all students levels 1-4

Adult students are encouraged to wear traditional ballet attire, but may customize their outer wear and undergarments as needed

  1. Ballet attire must be clean and free from any major rips in tights or leotards every class. Do not re-wear tights or leotard after a class

    without washing them.

  2. The tights are the personal undergarment to be work under the leotard. Please do not wear underwear underneath leotard. Dancers should

    not wear dance shoes outside the studio, please change shoes before exiting the building.

  3. For safety reasons, dancers are not permitted to wear jewelry during any class except stud earrings.

  4. Finger-nails and toe-nails should be clean and trim.

  5. Only dance shoes may be brought into the dance studio. Please leave outerwear and outside shoes in the lobby. Do not wear dance shoes

outside, please wear street shoes to go and come from studio.
6. Write the dancers name on all dancewear to avoid lost items.
7. Secure hair away from dancer’s face so the teacher may see proper alignment for correct posture and placement.
8. Failure to wear proper attire and hair will result in a warning. After a warning, a student will be asked to wait to enter class until requirements have been met.

Ballet Technique / Pointe Class – Female Pink tights

Pink canvas ballet shoe with sewn elastic Hair should be in a neat, well secured bun No underpants or bra straps showing

** Ballet I –ballet pink
** Ballet IIa baby blue
** Ballet IIb navy blue
**Ballet III-IV –black
9. Dancers may wear color of their choice on Saturday or during weekend rehearsals Male Dancers
Black mens tights, White fitted shirt, White ballet shoes with white socks

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