A Terre School of Dance Policies


1st time student registration levels 1-4 is $25, Students who have been involved in the program for 3 months or longer may take a 1 month leave at any point in the year, Re-registration is required after 1 full month absence at a cost of $15.00. If a student is gone for two full months or longer they must re-register for $25. If a student has been enrolled for less than two months any absence for 30 days will require $25 re- registration fee. No pro-rates will be given to students resuming classes late in the month, although students are welcomed and encouraged to take extra classes to make-up what was missed.


All Levels:

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st class of every month. Fees are based on class levels and classes per week. No additional charge is applied when

a 5th class occurs in a month, nor is there a reduction when fewer than 4 classes are held due to a major holiday, studio break, absence or performance. All monthly tuition must be paid though our autopay system. Cash and personal checks will only be accepted for monthly tuition when paying in 3-6 month installment. In the event of an inability to pay, contact administration through e-mail. Dancers may be asked to discontinue classes, due to unpaid tuition. All fees are non-refundable. In the event that a student needs to discontinue classes, although a payment has already been made, tuition can be held and forwarded for three months. If a student has already taken a class that month, 75% of the total tuition amount will be forwarded. Re-registration will be required when student tuition is re-applied.


Open Level:

All students under age 18 should be enrolled in a level, working toward advancement to the next level. A student under age 18 taking open level classes will be required to pay per class, prior to class. They may also purchase a monthly package. In the event they do not use all of their monthly classes, classes will be forfeit. No registration is required to enroll in open level classes. In the event that an academy student opts out of their full program in exchange for an open program for one month or longer, they will be required to pay the full $25.00 registration when they return to their level placement. Class cards are only an option for students age 18 and over.


Performances/Costumes /Performance Fee


1.  At A Terre we strive to provide the most dynamic performance opportunities to all students. Students are never required to perform.

Consistency is the most important factor in student development, classes are ongoing throughout the season, while rehearsals and some warm-up classes are scheduled outside of regular classes. Occasionally rehearsal schedule will overlap with class schedules, but only in the event that a make-up class can be scheduled for any students who are not involved in performance. Performances are designed to help strengthen dancers as individual performers at a time that is right for both parents and students.

2.  Dancers will have the opportunity to perform 2-3 times a year. Detailed Information will be sent out as productions are finalized. All rehearsals take place outside of regular class hours. Rehearsal Schedules are created weekly and e-mailed, please double check casting and rehearsal schedules. Casting is subject to change.

3.  Performance payment is collected when a student joins a performance season along with performer contract. Occasionally, it may be necessary that accessories be added at minimal cost. Please note, performer fees are non-refundable. An appropriate fee will be charged for any lost, damaged, or stolen items. Performance dates and cost will be communicated by A Terre School of Dance.

4.  Production Meetings bring up quality of performance, and help us stay within budget. Parents who are interested in helping may attend meetings. We understand this is not reasonable for all parents all of the time. There is no compensation for helping with performances and all parents are required to pay the same fees toward production involvement. In essence, volunteers are appreciated.

5.  Food-dancers or parent to dancers are individually responsible for bringing their own pre-packed snacks, water, and meals. Food sharing is prohibited, if a child forgets to bring their food they will need to speak directly with Ms Danielle or other staff to remedy the situation. Please provide nutritious, and appropriate meals and snacks.



1.  Please inform A Terre School of Dance of absence. If a dancer is absent from class, the dancer will be able to “make up” the class within 30

days of the absence. The make-up class will be forfeited after 30 days. It can also be changed to be made up within that particular month.

2. To participate in performance, dancer must attend at least 4 classes each month. To perform on pointe, dancers may have no more than 5 absences total in a month. Regularly attending classes and rehearsals is important to the development of the dancer and the production. If a dancer misses more than 4 rehearsals before a performance they may not participate in the performance unless due to a family emergency or severe illness. In the event of a family emergency or severe illness, A Terre School of Dance must be notified so appropriate understudying casts may be prepared. At all times we must do what is in the best interest of the production and all dancers involved. In the event that a student is absent, and ultimately preparations cannot be made-up in time a student may be asked to sit out a portion of production regardless of the validity of reason for absence.

3. Dancers need to arrive at least 5 minutes before class time, so they have ample time to change into their dance shoes and calmly enter the studio at their appointed time.

Students are required to be picked up within 15 minutes of final class end time, unless prior arrangements have been made. If a teacher or staff member has to wait for a student to be picked up, they will need to be compensated, a $35 fee will be charged for each half hour past 15 minute grace waiting period.

Dress Code

  1. Ballet attire must be clean and free from any major rips in tights or leotards every class. Do not re-wear tights or leotard after a class

    without washing them. 

  2. The tights are the personal undergarment to be work under the leotard. Please do not wear underwear underneath leotard. Dancers should

  3. not wear dance shoes outside the studio, please change shoes before exiting the building.

  4. For safety reasons, dancers are not permitted to wear jewelry during any class except stud earrings.

  5. Finger-nails and toe-nails should be clean and trim.

  6. Only dance shoes may be brought into the dance studio. Please leave outerwear and outside shoes in the lobby. Do not wear dance shoes

outside, please wear street shoes to go and come from studio.
6. Write the dancers name on all dancewear to avoid lost items.
7. Secure hair away from dancer’s face so the teacher may see proper alignment for correct posture and placement.
8. Failure to wear proper attire and hair will result in a warning. After a warning, a student will be asked to wait to enter class until requirements have been met.

Ballet Technique / Pointe Class – Female Pink tights

Pink canvas ballet shoe with sewn elastic Hair should be in a neat, well secured bun No underpants or bra straps showing

** Ballet I –ballet pink
** Ballet IIa baby blue
** Ballet IIb navy blue
**Ballet III-IV –black
9.  Dancers may wear color of their choice on Saturday or during weekend rehearsals Male Dancers
Black mens tights, White fitted shirt, White ballet shoes with white socks


We all must stay informed, please read weekly e-mails and check white-board. Fundraising is an important aspect of our operations, be mindful

of ongoing fundraisers and get involved. If you have an area of commitment you cannot meet, like a ride for your child, communicate in advance, at least one day before. If you or your child come across any situation that makes you or them uncomfortable with another member of

the studio, staff, or director please communicate directly with Ms Danielle in a private manner so we can resolve issues or develop sensitivity to the situation. We are always open to listen and talk. Parents are prohibited from making announcements regarding personal matters on studio premises unless express permission has been granted in advance. No soliciting, unless express permission has been granted in advance.

Miscellaneous /Other General Policies

1. If you have any questions about our policies, please email us at aterredance@gmail.com or call us at (909) 295-5757

2. Teacher Absences – Dance teachers reserve the right to miss lessons due to illness or professional commitments. The dance teachers can hire a substitute teacher or reschedule such class. In the event of a class cancelation where no communication is made to a client prior to them arriving to class, client will receive a 15.00 credit to their account toward their next tuition payment.

3. Videotaping and photography – Videotaping and photographing students during class is not permitted unless authorization has been given by all parents of students in class or the teacher has given authorization prior to class

Studio Care

1. Absolutely no food, gum, or soda allowed, Water only.

2. Bathroom – All dancers are encouraged to visit the restroom before class begins. Dance teachers are never responsible for taking any child to the restroom. If your child requires assistance to use the restroom please remain on premises during class. Younger dancers should be potty trained or in a pull up diaper to avoid accidents on floor.

3. Please do not send your dancer to class sick if they are too sick to participate or they are highly contagious. He/she may make up class upon return.

4. We love babies and young children and appreciate the chance to meet our dancers’ siblings. However, our priority is the safety of every child on the school premises. Children must be supervised at all times and are not free to run around the lobby or restroom area. Please do not dispose of dirty diapers inside the studio restroom. Large dumpsters outside the studio are better suited for such disposal.

Termination of Enrollment

In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students, it may be necessary for A Terre School of Dance to terminate a

dancer’s enrollment. Every effort will be made to correct problematic situation before terminating enrollment. Reasons for termination of enrollment include the following:
1. Disruptive or dangerous behavior by dancer or their parents.
2. Inability to adhere to policies

3. Abuse of other dancers, children, staff, or property.
4. Non payment of monthly tuition.
5. A Terre perceives its inability to meet the dancer’s or parent’s needs.

A Terre School of Dance Parent and Student Conduct Parent Conduct

In addition to financial agreement please sign and date below if you agree to the following guidelines regarding parent conduct:

  1. First and foremost, bring dancers to class in a timely manner, prepared to dance. In the event that you will be late or a dancer is

    missing something important, communicate with front desk.

  2. Our mission is to provide your children with a supportive dance environment. We ask all parents to help us by showing respect for all

    staff, parents, and students. We discourage negative talk and gossip, instead we ask any concerns be taken up directly with staff.

  3. We kindly ask parents remain in the lobby and not enter the dance studio unless asked to.

  4. If you need to speak with any staff or personal, leave a message with the front desk so an appointment can be made. Do not interrupt

    teachers during, in between, before, or after class.

  5. Parents are prohibited from making announcements regarding personal matters on studio premises unless express permission has been

    granted in advance. No soliciting, unless express permission has been granted in advance.

  6. Parents, please keep lobby talking low while students are in class. We encourage parents to get to know one another, but ask thatextensive or loud conversations be taken outside, including phone calls.


  1. Dancers are expected to behave in class. Dancers will be asked not to participate in class if they are disruptive. Dancers are expected to show respect and professionalism by:

  2. Arriving to class on time and prepared (see dress code)

  3. Remaining attentive during instruction

  4. Keeping talking to a minimum

  5. Greeting fellow dancers and parents

  6. Maintaining a positive attitude: negative self talk or negative talk about teachers or other students is prohibited Remember to bring a positive demeanor to class--leave outside issues at the door

  7. Keeping phones, electronics, and toys put away during class time

  8. Eating and using restroom only at the appropriate times (when permission or break time has been granted by instructors)

    Student and Parent Use of Social Media

This policy is intended to provide A Terre School of Dance with guidelines to eliminate any confusion regarding social media. We encourage parents and students to engage with A Terre through social media in a manner that is positive and uplifting to our community.

  1. You do not have permission to reveal any information that compromises A Terre School of Dance.

  2. It is forbidden to share any personal information about staff, dancers and/or their families that is considered confidential to them or to

    A Terre School of Dance.

  3. Dancers and parents should not claim or imply they are speaking on behalf of A Terre School of Dance.

  4. Never post anything that could compromise the self –esteem or safety of dancers that attend A Terre School of Dance.

  5. If you post videos of class or rehearsals, do not post any choreography in its entirety. A Terre School of Dance owns the copyright to

    all choreography taught at our school.

  6. Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright.

  7. Do not post negative comments about our school activities, performances, dancers, or staff.

  8. A Terre School of Dance reserves the right to protect its owner and staff from social media bullying. A Terre School of Dance

    reserves the right to use lawyers and police upon acknowledgement of any slander, inappropriate reviews or cyber bullying.