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Physical Risk Release, consent, and privacy policies


  1. A Terre School of Dance is committed to developing dancers with safe movement habits while promoting anatomically efficient alignment.  However, A Terre is not responsible for lack of diligence on the part of parents or students.

    1. In the event of a student injury, parent and student must communicate with instructors at the first sign of pain/discomfort.

    2. Although A Terre staff can advise students, we are not doctors, if you feel you need a doctor, see one.

    3. All clients understand that any physical activity comes with the risk of injury due to fall, collision, or overuse.  A Terre School of Dance will not be held financially responsible for any medical expenses or personal injury expenses incurred due to involvement at A Terre School of Dance.

  2. Student Conduct – Dancers are expected to behave in class. Dancers will be asked not to participate in class if they are disruptive.  Dance is about body positions; therefore there will be times the teacher will make hands-on corrections.

  3. All dancers should show respect at all times. Inappropriate behavior may result in dismissal from A Terre School of Dance.

  4. A Terre School of Dance reserves the right to ask any dancer or parent to leave the studio without refund.  Inappropriate or unkind behavior is not acceptable. 


Student and Parent Use of Social Media

This policy is intended to provide A Terre School of Dance with guidelines to eliminate any confusion regarding social media 

  1. You do not have permission to reveal any information that compromises A Terre School of Dance.

  2. It is forbidden to share any personal information about staff, dancers and/or their families that is considered confidential to them or to A Terre School of Dance. 

  3. Dancers and parents should not claim or imply they are speaking on behalf of A Terre School of Dance.

  4. Never post anything that could compromise the self –esteem or safety of dancers that attend A Terre School of Dance.

  5. If you post videos of class or rehearsals, do not post any choreography in its entirety.  A Terre School of Dance owns the copyright to all choreography taught at our school.

  6. Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright.

  7. Do not post negative comments about our school activities, performances, dancers, or staff. 

  8. A Terre School of Dance reserves the right to protect its owner and staff from social media bullying.  A Terre School of Dance reserves the right to use lawyers and police upon acknowledgement of any slander, inappropriate reviews or cyber bullying.


Levels 1-4

A Terre School of Dance is a year round conservatory.  In order to produce long term results, our program is designed to be an annual commitment.  Students may enroll for the first time at any time during the year.  Upon enrollment, responsible financial parties will be set up on the autopay system.  Annual registration levels 1-4 is $25 and will be charged with the first month tuition for new enrollments and every September for returning students.  Tuition will be charged monthly regardless of a student’s attendance during the first week of the month.  If a student needs to drop enrollment, 30 day written notice is required in order to terminate the financial agreement of monthly tuition obligation.    Re-registration is required after 1 full month absence at a cost of $35.00.  No pro-rates will be given to students who have excessive absences early in the month, although students are welcomed and encouraged to take extra classes to make-up for what was missed.  

All Levels

  1. Monthly tuition for all scheduled private lessons, online lessons and group classes is due on the 1st class of every month

  2. Fees are based on class levels and classes per week. No additional charge is applied when a 5th class occurs in a month, nor is there a reduction when fewer than 4 classes are held due to a major holiday, studio break, absence or performance

  3. All monthly tuition must be paid though our autopay system.  All payments will be processed between the 4th and 10th of each month.

  1. Cash and personal checks will only be accepted for monthly tuition when paying in 6 month installment.

  2. In the event of an inability to pay, please submit an email explaining the issue in writing to

  3. Dancers may be asked to discontinue classes, due to unpaid tuition.

  1. All fees are non-refundable.  In the event that a student needs to discontinue classes, although a payment has already been made, tuition can be held and forwarded for three months.  If a student has already taken a full week of classes, 75% of the total tuition amount will be forwarded.  Re-registration will be required when student tuition is re-applied.


Open Level

Students ages 18 and above may enroll in the open or adult level.  Payments for open classes are also processed through the autopay system.  There is no registration or commitment required for adult students.  Adults may pay by single class or enroll in a monthly package.

Private Lessons

No registration fee is required for students enrolled in private lessons only.  All private lessons must be paid in full at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson.  Lessons may be canceled up to 24 hrs in advance of the lesson.  However, if a student does not show up for a lesson or if they must cancel less than 24 hours in advance, the full lesson fee must still be charged.  In the event of an emergency a student may reschedule a lesson.

Parent Observation

Parents are encouraged to observe pre ballet classes as long as they do not cause disruption to the class.  Parent observation is not permitted for levels 1-4 unless a student is attending class for the first time or we are hosting an in house event for parents..  There is no waiting area for parents, please be prepared to wait outside. 

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