Pre-ballet $50 per month 1 50 minute class weekly 

Leve1 1 $60 per month 1 60 minute In person class weekly or 2 60 minute online classes weekly

Level 1b $110  per month 2 60 minute In person classes weekly or 1 60 minute in person and 2 60 minute online classes weekly

Level 2a $150 per month 2 90 minute In-person classes weekly  or 1 90 minute In person class weekly and 2 90minute online classes weekly

Level 2b $200 per month 2 90 minute In Person classes, and 1 60 minute class weekly or 1 90 minute In-Person class weekly and 2 90 minute online classes weekly

Level 3-3b $250 (unlimited) per month 4 90 minute classes including 2 60 minute classes weekly or unlimited online classes

Level 3b (unlimited) $250 per month 6 90 minute classes weekly or unlimited online classes

Payment Policies

Levels 1-4

1st time student registration levels 1-4 is $25, Students who have been involved in the program for 3 months or longer may take a 1 month leave at any point in the year, Re-registration is required after 1 full month absence at a cost of $15.00. If a student is gone for two full months or longer they must re-register for $25. If a student has been enrolled for less than two months any absence for 30 days will require $25 re- registration fee. No pro-rates will be given to students resuming classes late in the month, although students are welcomed and encouraged to take extra classes to make-up what was missed.

All Levels

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st class of every month. Fees are based on class levels and classes per week. No additional charge is applied when

a 5th class occurs in a month, nor is there a reduction when fewer than 4 classes are held due to a major holiday, studio break, absence or performance. All monthly tuition must be paid though our autopay system. Cash and personal checks will only be accepted for monthly tuition when paying in 3-6 month installment. In the event of an inability to pay, contact administration through e-mail. Dancers may be asked to discontinue classes, due to unpaid tuition. All fees are non-refundable. In the event that a student needs to discontinue classes, although a payment has already been made, tuition can be held and forwarded for three months. If a student has already taken a class that month, 75% of the total tuition amount will be forwarded. Re-registration will be required when student tuition is re-applied.

Open Level

All students under age 18 should be enrolled in a level, working toward advancement to the next level. A student under age 18 taking open level classes will be required to pay per class, prior to class. They may also purchase a monthly package. In the event they do not use all of their monthly classes, classes will be forfeit. No registration is required to enroll in open level classes. In the event that an academy student opts out of their full program in exchange for an open program for one month or longer, they will be required to pay the full $25.00 registration when they return to their level placement. Class cards are only an option for students age 18 and over.